2017 DGA Annual Meetings in Los Angeles & New York

2017 Annual Meeting LA

May 24, 2017

The 2017 meetings marked a changing of the guard at the Guild as former DGA National Executive Director and current DGA Senior Advisor Jay D. Roth reflected on the privilege of serving DGA members, and the many milestones achieved by the Guild throughout his tenure.

“I am very proud to say that I leave 22 years later with a larger, stronger and more vibrant DGA. From our infrastructure and finance, to our governance, to our membership involvement and leadership and that which I am most responsible for, our Professional staff.” said Roth. Of his successor, longtime DGA executive and new National Executive Director Russell Hollander, Roth added, “He is bright, tenacious and kind. He is committed to our creed of ‘Serve the Members.’ I think we all can rest assured that the Guild is in great hands.”

With the upcoming Biennial Convention in June, the meeting also served as Barclay’s final address as President for those he had served in that role since 2013. Following remarks from Roth, Barclay delivered the President’s report, which followed the theme of Seven Ways You Have Made the Difference. After listing some of Roth's many accomplishments, such as eight successful negotiations, Barclay emphasized the importance of participation by active, working members.

“A core principle of our Guild is that each individual member matters,” said Barclay. “You matter. Diversity of opinion and open discussion is necessary for our democratic institution to flourish so we can collectively shape the policies and direction of our Guild – and in doing so we can best serve the needs of directors and their teams both now and into the long-term future. Our collective bargaining strength comes from the power of our united membership working together with the Guild's top-notch professional staff. We would have never had the kind of remarkable achievements – like excellent compensation, residuals and health and pension plans – without the participation and drive of so many members for more than 80 years. From Vidor, Ford, Capra and Stevens in our earlier years to Wise and Cates and now my fine fellow officers on the National Board today.”

Barclay continued with his theme of making a difference by acknowledging the work of the DGA Negotiations Committee chaired by Michael Apted and Thomas Schlamme whose efforts resulted in a historic new agreement that includes increases in residuals for programs made for high budget subscription video on demand as well as additional funding for the DGA Pension Plan. He spoke about how the forward thinking of the Guild has protected the economic future of the membership through the recently negotiated agreements and touched on some of the DGA’s many initiatives including tax incentive programs in California and New York that make it possible for members to work where they live, the Guild’s revamped communications and new career development and mentorship programs, and recent changes to the DGA Awards.

In closing, Barclay thanked the National Board and the members of the various DGA Councils and Committees whose time, effort and intellect make the DGA the best Guild in the industry. Then he looked back on his presidency and left the members with his wish for the future.

“What I am assured of is that you, the members, have and will continue to make a difference for the DGA. Please continue to help each other, inspire each other, protect each other, and be a part of continuing this amazing thing called the Directors Guild of America. I’ll take my own advice and try to help where I can. And thank you for letting me be of service.”

In addition to President Barclay’s State-of-the-Guild report, attendees of the New York meeting also heard a special address from DGA National Vice President Vincent Misiano that covered items of specific interest to members on the East Coast. The meetings in both locations also featured the following series of reports from Guild officials:

  • A Farewell Address to the Membership (both locations) - DGA Former National Executive Director and Current Senior Advisor Jay D. Roth
  • Secretary/Treasurer’s Report, (both locations) - DGA Secretary-Treasurer Michael Apted
  • PAC Report, Los Angeles – DGA PAC Co-Chair Carl Weathers
  • PAC Report, New York - DGA PAC Leadership Council Co-Chair Gary Donatelli
  • AD/UPM Council West Report - Council West Chair Victor Hsu
  • AD/UPM Council East Report – DGA Fourth Vice President Mary Rae Thewlis
  • AD/SM/PA Council West Report - Council West Chair Thomas McDermott
  • AD/SM/PA Council East Report - Council East Chair Joyce Thomas
  • Special Projects Committee Report, Los Angeles - Committee Member Shawn Levy
  • Special Projects Committee Report, New York – Eastern Region Committee Chair Raymond De Felitta
  • Directors Guild Foundation Report, Los Angeles - DGF Second Vice Chair Todd Holland
  • Directors Guild Foundation Report, New York - DGA Assistant Secretary-Treasurer/DGF First Vice Chair Scott Berger
  • Pension and Health Plans Report (both locations) - DGA-Producer Pension and Health Plans CEO Lisa Read

Prior to adjournment, the floor was opened to questions from the membership. Members of the Guild’s management team were present at both meetings to provide answers and insight. Both events ended with a cocktail reception, giving attendees an opportunity to catch-up with their colleagues.

photos by Byron Gamarro/Los Angeles and Marcie Revens/New York