Digital Day 2017 - Capturing Your Vision: Bringing the Story to Life

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July 29, 2017

Join fellow DGA members and industry professionals on Saturday, July 29th for learning and networking around the creative, technical and business issues emerging from new technologies.

This event is open to DGA Members and their Guests only.

Digital Day Program 

Programming subject to change. Please see this page for updates.

Panels & Presentations in Theaters:


  • Enter Disney’s Beauty and the Beast through previs, postvis, technical planning and on-set visualization that helped sync up live action and animation across the film’s signature set piece sequences. Presenters: Shannon Justison (Previs Supervisor, The Third Floor) and Casey Schatz (Head of Virtual Production, The Third Floor).

  • Learn about the breakdown of previs on Logan, the pitchvis process, and how it expands creative freedom, helps shape and realize the story, tailored to a director’s creative vision before cameras begin rolling. Presenter: Tefft Smith II (VFX Supervisor, Halon Entertainment).


  • How directors take a story from script to screen and what technology they rely on to bring the story to life. Presenters: Peter Atencio (Jean-Claude Van Johnson, Keanu, Key and Peele), Uta Briesewitz (Altered Carbon, Black Sails, The Deuce) and Justin Simien (Dear White People (Television Series) and Dear White People (Film)). Moderator: Jeremy Podeswa (Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, The Newsroom).


  • An in-depth conversation with Directors and their VFX Supervisors about the use of visual effects in television and features with a range in budgets. Panelists: Michael Goi (Director, American Horror Story, Megan is Missing, Shadowhunters), Richie Keen (Director, Fist Fight, The Goldbergs, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Chris LeDoux (VFX Supervisor, Fist Fight, Hidden Figures, La La Land), Jason Piccioni (VFX Supervisor, American Horror Story, Megan is Missing, Snowfall) and Brad Powell (VFX Supervisor, Bull, CSI:NY, Elementary). Moderator: Oz Scott (Director, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., CSI:NY, The Night Shift).


  • An inside look at the Director/Editor relationship and how they work together to cut the story for the screen. Panelists: Mark Cendrowski (Director, The Big Bang Theory, The Carmichael Show, Super Donuts), Peter Chakos (Editor, The Big Bang Theory, Will & Grace), Billy Fox (Editor, Hustle & Flow, Only the Brave: The Story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, Straight Outta Compton), Nisha Ganatra (Director, Girls, Transparent, You Me Her), Eleanor Infante (Editor, Lore, Pete’s Christmas, You Me Her) and Joseph Kosinski (Director, Oblivion, Only the Brave: The Story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, Tron: Legacy). Moderator: Gregory Plotkin (Editor, Get Out / Director, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension).


  • An overview of creative and production apps for Directors and Director’s team members. Presenter: Susan Zwerman (DGA AD/UPM VFX/Digital Technology Committee Chair).
  • Protect the creative vision: Learn how the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) digital production standard enables consistent color from set to screen, and protects your content now and for the future. Presenters: Glenn S. Gainor (UPM / Head of Physical Production, Screen Gems), Andy Maltz (Managing Director, AMPAS Science and Technology Council) and Jake Morrison (VFX Supervisor, Ant-Man, The Avengers, Thor: Ragnarok).
Exhibits & Hands-On Demos:

UNDERSTAND how using ACES gives consistent color from set to screen and allows you to communicate, achieve and protect your creative vision. (Demo by ACES - Academy Color Encoding System)

EXPERIENCE the most recent tools from Premiere Pro and learn how to transform 2D characters into live animations using Character Animator. (Demo by Adobe)

SEE the latest features in one of the industry’s leading creative editorial tools, Avid | Media Composer, now featuring ScriptSync and PhraseFind. (Demo by Avid)

ENHANCE your vision using pre-visualization, visual effects, and post-production creative services for television, feature films, commercials and more. (Demo by CBS Digital)

INNOVATE new camera moves with the AntigravityCam, providing perfect stability from floor to nine feet overhead without heavy counterweights or long set up times. (Demo by Cinema Devices)

TAP into the creativity of young artists on the autism spectrum as they demonstrate their skills in VFX and Animation. (Demo by Exceptional Minds Studio)

DISCOVER the latest in visual effects for episodic television and virtual reality. (Demo by FuseFX)

EXPLORE the limits of your imagination and creative vision with Previs(ualization). (Demo by Halon Entertainment)

NAVIGATE 3D models of real-life locations using an all-in-one interactive reality capture system that changes the way individuals and crews interact with physical spaces. (Demo by / Matterport)

EXAMINE volumetric capture and computational cinematography solutions designed to impact traditional image making and emerging forms of content. (Demos curated by International Cinematographers Guild (ICG))

ACQUAINT yourself with the new tools and techniques for realizing your vision in both HDR and SDR, a process that begins on set and continues into post. (Demo by ICG - Theater 3)

LEARN how to maintain audiences for VOD and live TV and increase ROI through onscreen content recognition, using AI-based facial recognition. (Demo by Reminiz)

UTILIZE a multilayer monetization and engagement platform that personalizes in-screen brand and product experiences for TV, film, and digital content. (Demo by Source Digital)

STREAMLINE production and cut days off of wrap with modern software for the crew. (Demo by SyncOnSet)

MEET the AI that sees, hears and understands what’s inside videos. (Demo by Valossa)

And more…

Please note: Participation or mention of any company or product in the program does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by the Directors Guild of America.

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