DGA Hosts Annual Membership Meeting in Chicago

ChiMeeting 2016

July 11, 2016

On July 11, DGA members living in the Midwest received updates about the Guild’s activities directly from National Vice President Vincent Misiano during the general membership meeting in Chicago. Hosted by the Chicago Coordinating Committee (CCC), the evening was part of the Guild’s ongoing efforts to serve members residing in the Midwest and provided an opportunity to network with peers, meet Guild staff, ask questions and share concerns.

The evening began with a cocktail reception where attending members had the opportunity to meet and greet each other and DGA Eastern Executive Director Neil Dudich and Special Assignments Executive Mike Ryan, who serves as the executive liaison to the CCC.

After being introduced to the audience by Ryan, Misiano began his remarks by acknowledging the work of the CCC, singling out its co-chairs Jef Kos and John McNaughton and asking the attending CCC members to stand and be recognized for their contributions. He also praised the Guild's staff for its focus on protecting and strengthening the creative and economic rights of the membership. His presentation covered a number of areas including: the preparations for the upcoming negotiations cycle and how the DGA is seeking input from local members on how to better serve their needs.

Drawing from history, Misiano looked to a bright future for the Guild so long as its members maintain their commitment to stay involved.

“I know that it’s tempting to imagine that an organization that’s been around for 80 years will be around for 80 more,” said Misiano. “But the simple truth is that the DGA was birthed and built by committed members and without their continuing and passionate participation, it could cease to exist. That’s good because there’re lots of challenges ahead and although many of these issues seem daunting, they're part of a continuum – they're tied to issues we've dealt with before. And they can all be and will be tackled with the same collaborative spirit.”

The meeting concluded with a Q&A where Misiano, Dudich and Ryan fielded questions from the attendees.

About the Committee:

The Chicago Coordinating Committee was formed in the mid-1960s to coordinate Guild activities in the Chicago Area, including acting as liaison between members and the Guild, disseminating information, and promoting public awareness of the Guild. The Committee is currently Co-Chaired by Directors Jef Kos and John McNaughton.

photos by Jeff Kash