Jon Larson promoted to Associate Western Executive Director

DGA Associate Western Executive Director Jon Larson

June 1, 2008

DGA National Executive Director Jay Roth recently announced the promotion of DGA executive Jon Larson to the position of Associate Western Executive Director.                        

"As one of our long-serving executives, Jon has shown himself to be extremely capable and dedicated to protecting the needs of our members," said Roth.  "Jon will do a wonderful job in the new position."

In the newly-created position, Larson will become the executive for the thousands of Assistant Director and Unit Production Manager (AD/UPM) members of the DGA.  He will serve as staff liaison to the AD/UPM councils while continuing to oversee his current responsibilities regarding independent directors. 

"Jon is already well-versed in many of the issues that matter to our Assistant Directors and Unit Production Managers," added Roth.  "The needs and concerns of our ADs and UPMs will be very well-served by Jon’s focus on their issues.”"

Larson joined the DGA staff in 1999 as a Special Assignments Executive before being promoted to Assistant Executive Director in 2003.  In his time at the Guild, Larson has participated in multiple negotiations of the DGA's Basic, Commercial, and Low-Budget Agreements, including the most recent negotiations in 2007-2008.  Larson also oversaw enforcement of directors' post-production creative rights nationally, and enforcement of commercial contracts on the west coast.  As Assistant Executive Director, Larson was charged with overseeing the Guild’s Independent Film Initiative which includes guiding the Independent Directors Committee West and its activities.  He has also served as Trustee to the DGA-Producer Training Program.  

Larson received his BA magna cum laude from Amherst College and completed the film program at New York University.  Prior to joining the DGA staff, Larson coordinated the Writers Guild of America’s thirty-plus member committees, and was on the staff of the La Jolla Playhouse. 

"The Guild's UPMs and ADs set a high standard that has earned them a reputation as among the most methodical, effective and professional contributors to the world of film and television production.  I look forward to working with them on the issues that face this vital and extremely dedicated part of the DGA family," said Larson.