Navigating the DGA

Navigating the DGA: A Member Orientation

November 8, 2021 An Eastern AD/SM/PA Council Event

On November 8, new and veteran Associate Directors, Stage Managers and Production Associates gathered online to receive valuable information about the workings of their Guild during a Navigating the DGA orientation event. Hosted by the Eastern AD/SM/PA Council, the orientation was the opportunity for newer members to hear instructive and educational discussions about a variety of issues that affect AD/SM/PAs, delivered by Council members and DGA staff.

Following a welcome from Council Chair Glenna Meeks, the reports included: DGA Assistant Executive Director Michael Berger with an overview of the Guild and a brief explanation of how the DGA’s contracts are designed to protect the members and how the Field Reps work with the Contracts Department to maintain that protection; DGA Second Alternate National Board Member Dennis W. Mazzocco on the history, organization, governance and procedures of the Guild; Council Member/DGA National Board Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Joyce Thomas on the subject of member responsibilities and privileges, why active participation in the Guild makes the organization stronger and she also spoke about the work of the DGA’s Diversity Committees towards the building of a more inclusive industry; Council Second Vice Chair Erika Wortham on the DGA-Producer Pension and Health Plans and the benefits members can derive from them; and Council member Terry Benson on the DGA PAC and how it has been successful in its ongoing mission to fight for the rights of the Guild’s membership through legislative efforts.

 The orientation concluded with a Q&A session where the participants were able to have their questions addressed by experienced members and DGA Staff. Everyone was also invited to stay for the monthly Council meeting that followed.

About the Council:

The Eastern AD/SM/PA Council is the elected body that represents the Guild members who reside in the Eastern region and work in television as Associate Directors, Stage Managers or Production As-sociates.

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