Brass Teapot screening Q&A

Ramaa Mosley: The Brass Teapot

April 26, 2013 Director Q&A in Los Angeles

Director Ramaa Mosley (In Dreams I Run Wild, Grace, Exquisite Corpse) takes us into a world of financial fantasy with her feature-length film debut, The Brass Teapot.

In this comedy, based on the comic book series of the same name, a young couple discovers that a brass teapot magically creates money whenever they hurt themselves. Faced with difficult economic times and a desire for the good life, they must come to terms with just how far they are willing to go to fulfill their dreams.

Mosley discussed the making of The Brass Teapot with Director Catherine Hardwicke (Plush) after the DGA screening in Los Angeles on April 26.

photos by Krista Kennell/print courtesy of Magnolia Pictures
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