Jafar Panahi

SFCC Hosts 3D Technology Seminar

September 17, 2011 A San Francisco Coordinating Committee Event:

On September 17, the Executive Committee of the San Francisco Coordinating Committee (SFCC) hosted a 3D Technology seminar at Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco. Sony representative Grant Anderson led the participants on a highly educational exploration that taught the fundamentals of creating expert 3D and how to achieve the best looking finished product.  The subjects discussed included 3D terminology, the physiology of 3D, 3D vs 2D techniques, types of 3D production, how 3D affects storytelling and the basics of camera systems for 3D.

An expert stereographer, Anderson is also an established producer, visual effects supervisor, and digital artist in the film industry. His credits include Beowulf 3D, Lord of the Rings 2: The Two Towers and working with the Academy Award®-winning visual effects team for Spider-Man 2. He most recently served as stereoscopic supervisor on Columbia Pictures’ The Green Hornet.


photos by Ron Lewis

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