Director Q&A - Something's Gotta Give

November 26, 2003 Nancy Meyers

"I privately do a lot of work when I'm writing and then when the picture actually gets going, I do as much prep as I can ahead of time so when we (start filming), I can figure out how to shoot it and get the performances," Meyers said. "Production is not the time to pick a watch or a wall color or a lampshade. Nothing should be discussed at this point. I use lots of storyboards, even for the most simple things. I just like to have it on a piece of paper in front of me."

However, prep on this film did not include rehearsal Meyers said. "I think at times it really would have helped because it would have saved some discussions we had on the set," she said. "But sometimes you need to have those discussions on the set, at that time, in bed, when the actress is really under the covers with a guy. It's hard to get yourself in that place two months before you shoot it."

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