Peers Salute Larry Auerbach

May 12, 2003

On May 12, the Eastern Associate Director/Stage Manager/Production Associate Council held a reception and presented a plaque to DGA Second Vice President Larry Auerbach to commemorate his many years of dedicated service to their category.

The evening took the form of the old TV show This Is Your Life, and many friends of Larry's past, took this opportunity to visit and share how influential he has been to their careers and in their lives. Many of today's soap opera directors learned their craft from Larry while working as his associate director, stage manager or production associate. Also in attendance were DGA National Executive Director Jay D. Roth, DGA National Vice President Ed Sherin, DGA Secretary/Treasurer Gil Cates and DGA Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Scott Berger.

Larry's longtime work on the National Board will be sorely missed as he steps down this summer, but his continuing dedication as a Guild Trustee to the Pension & Health plans is something all Guild members will benefit from for years to come.

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