Liz Ryan

1st AD
Director: Awestuck. Producer: Ancient Warriors; Doublecross. Line Producer: Going Shopping; Pepito's Dream. 1st AD: Features: Going Shopping; Brokedown Palace; The Green Mile (mouse unit); Leave It to Beaver; Waiting for Guffman; Alien 3 (FX unit); For the Boys (2nd unit); State of Grace; Little Monsters. TV: 90210; My Boys; The Office; Lyon's Den; Freaks and Geeks; NYPD Blue. Numerous MOWs. 2nd AD: Green Card; Betsy's Wedding; State of Grace; Jacknife. DGA Trainee.
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SoCal Film 1st AD,UPM 02/11/2014 05/12/2014

325 28th Ave
Venice, CA 90291 -4540