David Nutter

Miniseries: Band of Brothers (HBO, 2002 Emmy Award); The Pacific (HBO, 2010 Emmy Nomination). Pilots: Arrow (CW); Chase (NBC); Eastwick (ABC); The Mentalist (CBS); Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX); Traveler (ABC); Supernatural (WB/CW); Jack & Bobby (WB); Without A Trace (CBS); Smallville (WB); Dark Angel (FOX); Roswell (WB); Millennium (FOX). Episodic: Game of Thrones (HBO); Shameless (Showtime); The Sopranos (2006 Emmy & DGA Nomination); Entourage (2007 DGA Nomination); Nip/Tuck; The X-Files; ER; The West Wing.
Agency: William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, LLC
Agency Phone: (310) 248-2000
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Directing Television Pilots
With TV getting bigger, better and more competitive, pilot directors have a lot at stake.