Rebecca Strickland

1st AD

1st AD: FEATURES: MAX (Charlotte, NC); Oblivion (Aerial-Iceland);  Not Fade Away (NJ Summer Unit); Home Run Showdown (Detroit, MI); Delhi 6 (India); Death in Love; 4 Single Fathers (Boston, MA); The Way Back (India Unit); My Soul To Keep (Add'l Photo); Cadillac Records (Baton Rouge, LA); Battleship (VFX-Honolulu); One & Only (Action-India); Safe (Action-Philadelphia); Just Wright (Sports Action); Death Sentence (Action-SC); Poseidon (Action/UW/VFX); Flicka (Action); Rebound (Sports Action); Master and Commander (Action/UW/VFX-MX, Galåpagos, EC).   TELEVISION: The Get Down (Season 1-Sony/Netflix); Limitless (Pilot-CBS); Orange is the new Black (Season 2 & 3-Lionsgate/Netflix); Blue Bloods (Seasons 2 & 3-CBS); Unforgettable (Pilot-CBS); Mercy (Season 1-NBC); Law & Order CI (5 ep-USA); Law & Order (Tandem Episode-NBC); Fringe (Add'l Photo-FOX).  Complete Credits Available at 

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New York Film 1st AD Yes Yes 09/26/2015 12/25/2015
DGA Quarterly
Blue Bloods
Blue Bloods
With hundreds of extras, elaborate stunts, and numerous locations, the directorial team on the cop show Blue Bloods has plenty to think about. Making sure the subway is running on time is the easy part.