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Director / Executive Producer / Creative Director

Roger Goodman directs live television events and designs studio environments and branding for television, multimedia and corporate clients as part of his company, RG Productions, Inc.    He brings his vast and unparalleled experience as a network television executive and director, as well as his technical and creative talents to outlets seeking to enhance their brands by creating environments that effectively deliver their message.   He is distinguished by his leadership skills and a unique ability to focus his “director’s eye” on any problem to formulate a practical solution.

Some of his recent projects include designing the newsroom studio/set for TheDailyBeast situated within the Frank Gehry-­-designed IAC building in New York,  directing the inaugural NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for Fox Sports, as well as a foray into the world of documenting classical orchestral performances by directing the PeaceThroughMusic concert at Chicago’s historic Symphony Center.  He has consulted on projects ranging from the re-­-launch of Bloomberg TV to providing his expertise to enhance the visualization of a military command center.  

As a veteran of ABC/Disney, innovation, invention and spectacle are the earmarks of Mr. Goodman’s career in news, sports and entertainment television. The crowning achievement in each of these areas being Presidential elections, Olympic games and the Academy Awards.  He is also the recipient of the DGA Lifetime Achievement in News Direction Award for 2010.

During his tenure at ABC, Mr. Goodman served as vice president of special projects for the ABC Television Network. He created, produced, and directed special programming for the network for some of the most historic television broadcasts of our time. He served as the executive director of ABC News’ specials and political coverage, as well as being responsible  for the overall look and design of all of ABC News, including sets and program packaging. He directed the development of ABC’s efforts in creating HD studios, control rooms, sets and programming, and was involved in integrating new technological advances into broadcasts as well as using interactive, enhanced television and virtual-­-reality production sets.

His projects included developing the creative design and direction of ABC's political coverage beginning in 1980; directing all Presidential debates, conventions, elections and inaugurations through the first inauguration of President Obama, for which he and his team won an Emmy for outstanding live coverage. He has designed and built studios and sets including the four-­-story Times Square Studios -­--­- the home of Good Morning America. He also directed the Peabody

Award-­-winning coverage of the September 11thattacks and aftermath, which was broadcast live

for over 91-­-hours, making it the longest consecutive news report in ABC history.

Mr. Goodman has been instrumental in a number technological advances and industry firsts that have ranged from the invention of the over-­-the-­-shoulder  Quantel box to the first successful transmissions of live programming from a submerged nuclear submarine, an aircraft carrier, a cruise ship, and a week of programming from a moving nine-­-car Amtrak train.

His resume includes breaking news and war coverage; ABC 2000-­--­- the unprecedented broadcast utilizing over 400 cameras from around the world for 24 continuous hours; nine Olympic games, four Super Bowl halftime shows, the Indianapolis 500, the Kentucky Derby, Wide World of Sports, ten New York City Marathons, red carpet shows for the Primetime Emmys and Academy Awards,

two Daytime Emmy telecasts, and 2009’s critically acclaimed 81stAnnual Academy Awards

telecast for which he received Emmy and DGA nominations for achievement in directing.

In addition to the DGA’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Mr. Goodman’s honors include 29 Emmy Awards, 61 Emmy nominations, three Peabody Awards, and two International Broadcast Design Awards; and he was a member of the production team awarded the first Gold Baton ever presented by the Alfred I. DuPont-­-Columbia University Awards for their work on the historic Nightline In the Holy Land.

Executive Producer/Producer/Director/Design: Roger Goodman Productions INC: 2009 Academy Awards, Entertainment, News, Sports.


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Roger Goodman interview
Visual History Interview
Roger Goodman is a director and producer of television news, sports, and live events who was instrumental in ABC’s rise through the 1970’s and ‘80s with credits ranging from ABC’s World News Tonight, to presidential elections, breaking news, the Olympic Games and The Academy Awards.