Walter E. Grauman

Director: Features: Lady in Cage (Paramount); 633 Squadron; Last Escape, Rage to Live (Mirisch/UA). Pilots: Streets of San Francisco; Barnaby Jones; Fugitive. Episodes: Untouchables; Naked City. Director/Creator/Executive Producer: Felony Squad; Silent Force; Blue Light; 24 MOWs; 3 miniseries; Valley of the Dolls (5-hour miniseries); Bare Essence (4-1/2 hour miniseries); Eva Ryker (3 hours); Outrage; Who is Julia; Shakedown on Sunset Strip; Murder, She Wrote (53 episodes); USA Movie: 13th Floor; Columbo.


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Visual History
Grauman Interview
Visual History Interview
Film and television director Walter Grauman (Murder, She Wrote; 633 Squadron; The Streets of San Francisco) shares stories and advice on dealing with the pressures and rewards of working in television and film.