Cleve Landsberg

Producer and UPM on theatrical movies and television pilots, series and movies. For credits, more information and Cleve Movie Tools, visit

FEATURE FILMS(Partial List):  THE RAMEN GIRL(Executive Producer), THE ULTIMATE GIFT (Producer / UPM), Bruce AlmightY (UPM), BASEKETBALL (Executive Producer / UPM), MR. DESTINY (UPM), WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S (UPM)...

TELEVISION FILMS/SERIES  (Partial List):  PERCEPTION(Co-Producer / UPM), flash forward(Co-Producer / UPM), THE DISTRICT(Co-Producer / UPM), AN INCONVENIENT WOMAN(Producer / UPM), CRAZY HORSE(Producer / UPM), Wm. Faulkner's OLD MAN(SupervisingProducer / UPM)...  

Agency: Worldwide Production Agency
Agency Phone: (310)659-9965
DGA Quarterly
DGA Quarterly Spring 2006 UPMs
UPMs on Episodics
It's not just about balancing books. UPMs on one-hour episodic television have to be nimble balancing a multitude of duties. And the job's not getting easier.