Pamela Monroe

2nd AD

UPM: Jackals; The Loner; Deliver Us From Evil (Los Angeles Unit); The Wedding Ringer (add'l photography); AUPM: Flashforward

2nd AD: (features) The Big Short (reshoots); Broken Vows; (TV) Grey's Anatomy (2 episodes & dayplayer); The Mentalist (2nd Unit & 1 episode); Scrubs (2nd Unit & 4 episodes); The Macabre World of Lavender Williams. 2nd 2nd AD: (features) Prom (reshoots); Gifted Hands; Obsessed; Even Money; (TV) Legends (pilot); Prime Suspect; The Mentalist; Cavemen (pilot);Scrubs; The Closer; Alias (2nd Unit); Breadwinners (pilot); Wedding Chapel (pilot). Add'l 2nd AD:(features) Battle of the Year: The Dream Team; Drive; Goal!; (TV) House of Lies (pilot); Common Law (pilot); Alias; Close to Home; 7th Heaven; Arrested Development; NYPD Blue.

DGA Trainee: (features) Coach Carter; (TV) Eyes; Summerland; Threat Matrix; Joan of Arcadia; Without a Trace; 7th Heaven; Providence; Angel.

List Category Weekly Feature Start Expire
SoCal Film 2nd AD,Second 2nd AD,UPM 04/23/2016 07/22/2016
SoCal Commercial 2nd AD 04/22/2016 07/21/2016
Multi Camera 2nd AD,Second 2nd AD,Add'l 2nd AD 04/22/2016 07/21/2016
SoCal Low Budget List UPM 04/22/2016 07/21/2016