Richard L. Bare

Best Television Director (DGA Award). Directed Green Acres (168 episodes). Pilots: Welcome Aboard; 77 Sunset Strip; Cheyenne; Islanders; Man Against Crime. Drama: Alias Smith & Jones; Run for Your Life; Kraft Theatre; Farraday & Co.; Virginian; Twilight Zone; Route 66; Maverick; Broken Arrow. Writer/Director/Producer: Snafu; Wicked, Wicked (MGM) and 11 other features; Westwind (NBC). Authored two books: "The Film Director;" "Confessions of a Hollywood Director" (Scarecrow Press).

700 Harbor Island Dr.
Newport Beach, CA 92660 -7227

Visual History
Richard Bare Interview
Visual History Interview
Director Richard Bare (Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, 77 Sunset Strip) shares stories from his long career in both television and feature films, including helming nearly every episode of ,em>Green Acres’ six season run.