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Special Projects is the educational and cultural arm of the Directors Guild of America. It provides opportunities for creative exchange with programs for members and industry colleagues to celebrate the history and achievements of its members, advance their professional skills, and prepare them for the technological changes of the future. Listed in the navigation to the right are some of the many ongoing Special Projects programs provided for members on the east and west coasts. Unless otherwise indicated, these programs are open only to DGA members and invited guests.
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Kazan on Special Projects

Elia Kazan

It seems to me that a Guild is essentially an organization of artists. Like the director himself it has two faces. One is stern, vigilant and protective; it is fully armed and it is unyielding. The other face is open and welcoming, curious, naive, even child-like, which is to say learning. Or you can say that a Guild is like a good parent. Its duty is to protect its members.

But -- and here is where it differs from a Union whose duty is purely protective -- it has the obligation to inspire its every member to better work, not only to show him he can do better but perhaps suggest how and where he might learn more and develop himself further.

This last function applies particularly to the younger members. A Guild passes on its traditions, sees that they do not die, that the lessons of experience are not ignored, that achievement builds on achievement. The Guild keeps the pride of its members alive, and that pride
is the pride in their craft and their work, in their profession.

-- Elia Kazan, Formation of DGA Special Projects
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