About the Chicago Coordinating Committee

The Chicago Coordinating Committee was formed in the mid 1960s to coordinate Guild activities in the Midwestern Area, including acting as liaison between members and the Guild, disseminating information, and promoting public awareness of the Guild. The CCC participates in a number of events during the year, in order to fulfill its goals of facilitating the exchange of ideas among members, maintaining contacts with other guilds and unions, and furthering professional opportunities for all Midwestern members.
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The Chicago Coordinating Committee meets monthly at:

Wrigley Building Conference Center
410 North Michigan Avenue, Third Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60611


Contact Information 

General Information: Mike Ryan, Special Assignments Executive, michaelr@dga.org, (212) 258-0810

Feature Film, Dramatic Television, and Commercials: Victoria Pistone Pacheco, Field Representative, vpistone@dga.org, (646) 701-4195

Non-Dramatic Television (Variety, Talk, Reality, etc.) and Sports: Michael Berger, Assistant Executive Director, mberger@dga.org, (212) 258-0802

News and Local Stations: Mariam Manichaikul, Assistant Executive Director, Local Stations, mariamm@dga.org, (212) 258-0817


CCC Members
  • Nadine Aloisio-Sorenson
  • Gretchen Brown
  • Valerie Bulinski *
  • Al Cohn
  • Guy DiBenedetto
  • Lorin Fulton
  • Forrest Futrell
  • Richard Lederer
  • Alyson Koch
  • Jef Kos
  • Cynthia Malek
  • James McAllister *
  • John McNaughton
  • William Natale
  • Natasha Parker
  • Nick Rafferty
  • Marc Shaykin
  • Harlan Shapiro
  • Cheryl Stutzke
  • Rosie Cruz Weaver
  • Thomas Wekonky Jr.
  • Monoleto Wilborn

*Bulinski and McAllister were tied in the recent election. The tie will be broken at the next Committee meeting.

Mike Ryan
Special Assignments Executive
(212) 258-0810
Committee Chairs
Windy City AD

Working on tabletop food commercials and network dramas, Harris says he'd rather work with a group of infants over a tray of deli meats any day and that there's a right way to AD beer.

A Nose for News

Having spent his entire 29-year career at ABC's Chicago owned-and-operated affiliate, Jeff Kos worked his way up from the mailroom to directing the 5 and 10 pm newscasts.