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Associate director and stage manager Dennis Mazzocco’s resume includes sports broadcasts like The Super Bowl and The World Series; news programs like Nightline and Good Morning America; variety/reality shows like The Academy Awards and Dancing with the Stars; and even daytime serials like One Life to Live. His work has helped earn 20 Emmy nominations and nine wins for programs such as Wide World of Sports, seven Olympic broadcasts on ABC and NBC, and the six-part, network documentary series ABC Notebook. He also worked on the Peabody Award-winning and DGA Award-nominated ABC 2000, a 23-hour news special watched by 175 million viewers.

In 2012 Mazzocco was the recipient of the Franklin J. Schaffner Award, given to an Associate Director or Stage Manager in recognition of their service to the industry and DGA. Mazzocco has served on the DGA’s National Board since 2005, the Eastern AD/SM/PA Committee since 2001, and also serves on the Reality TV Committee.

Bernie Hoffman Interview
by  Dennis  Mazzocco
June 01, 2010