DGA Quarterly Magazine Jon Favreau James Cameron

The Innovators

James Cameron and Jon Favreau, who have made it their business to push the cinematic medium beyond what was previously possible, exchange views on cutting-edge technology, their roles as directors and achieving the balance between emotion and spectacle.

DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 The Russo Brothers Director Anthony Russo Director Joe Russo
Anthony and Joe Russo
Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo went from no-budget indie underdogs from Cleveland to Marvel tentpole overlords, without sacrificing their character-driven sensibility and storytelling vision.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 5G Reality
At CES 2019, 5G—the fifth generation of cellular technology—was heralded as the solution for glitchy entertainment connections, and, for entertainment companies, a way to extend their reach and lure new audiences. We separate the wheat from the chaff.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 Documentary Trust Director Liz Garbus The Fourth Estate
It takes preparation, perseverance, patience and empathy for documentarians to gain their subjects’ confidence. Documentary directors Liz Garbus, Alex Gibney, Steve James, Matt Tyrnauer and Marina Zenovich share their modus operandi in getting people to open up.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 Adam Somner 1st AD
When it comes to rallying the troops and asserting a sense of order amidst chaos, 1st AD Adam Somner has repeatedly inspired confidence among such collaborators as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Paul Thomas Anderson.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 VFX Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins
Directors Patty Jenkins, Colin Trevorrow and Rupert Wyatt each navigated the leap from intimate to VFX-heavy productions in their own way.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 Screening Room David Yates on Jaws
David Yates
The director behind Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, David Yates, waxes nostalgic on the mix of horror, humor and ingenuity in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws.
Invented Worlds
When it comes to fantasy and futurism, directors’ imaginations truly run wild. We glimpse a few examples of the big screen’s ability to transport us to realms that
only exist in the movies.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 Shot to Remember Director Barry Sonnenfeld Men In Black
Men in Black
During an alien birth on Men in Black, director Barry Sonnenfeld keeps the frame mostly fixed, allowing the audience to find the comedy.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 Indie Voice Director Nisha Ganatra
Nisha Ganatra
For Late Night director Nisha Ganatra, willingness and tenacity have earned her a place in the spotlight.

DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 Gadgets Underwater Drones
Deep Dives
Underwater drones that probe unstable or dangerous sub-aquatic conditions gain traction among filmmakers.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 Apple Ad Director Rupert Sanders
Rupert Sanders' Flood of Color and Movement
For Rupert Sanders’ commercial for the Apple iPhone XR, the director mostly eschewed special effects to capture synchronized bodies in motion, and in camera.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 The Good Place
Director Morgan Sackett used a combination of in-camera and VFX techniques to bring multiple personalities within the same character to life.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 Five Questions David Linde
David Linde
The CEO of Participant Media asserts that conscientious content, artistic vision and commercial viability are not mutually exclusive.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 Books Clarence Brown
Author Gwenda Young makes the case that from the silent era to the golden age, Clarence Brown deserves a place among the giants.
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