The DGA Interview

Alejandro G. Iñárritu

The three-time DGA award winner discusses cosmic injustice, what drives him, the art of collaboration and what comes next.

DGA Quarterly Winter 2019 Motion Smoothing
Faced with TV technology that casts their films in a distorted light, DGA members attempt to influence a more faithful representation of their work.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2019 CBS News
Director Nora Gerard and her team work hard to give viewers of CBS News Sunday Morning the impression of a relaxed pace and a thoughtful mixture of soft features and hard news.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2019 Robert Aldrich
The protean director and DGA past president, whose work spanned genres and bridges the old and new Hollywoods, is far from the sad-sack hack depicted in the limited series Feud.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2019 BlackKKlansman Spike Lee
As recent films by Spike Lee, Barry Jenkins and George Tillman Jr. have shown us, the fissures of the Civil Rights Movement of the '60s continue to spread, providing dramatic fuel for their unique visions.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2019 Elma Garcia
The commercial work of Elma Garcia is notable for its visceral impact and striking imagery.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2019 Screening Room Taxi Driver
Damien Chazelle
Damien Chazelle revels in Taxi Driver's nightmarish mix of music, subjective imagery and De Niro in his prime.
Demagogues, Charlatans and Hucksters
The maxim that "absolute power corrupts absolutely" is proven by history, providing particularly ripe subjects for filmmakers.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2019 Shot to Remember Chicago
Fantasy and Reality Intersect in Chicago
In Rob Marshall's feature debut, his musical mastery reaches its apex in a pivotal production number.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2019 Marielle Heller
Marielle Heller's Commitment to Character
Director Marielle Heller is a stickler for detail, which is driven by the inner life of her protagonists.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2019 Sam Esmail Julia Roberts Homecoming
Sam Esmail
Sam Esmail, who's used to wearing three hats on Mr. Robot, was able to concentrate on directing on the series Homecoming.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2019 Glenn Weiss
Glenn Weiss
Director Glenn Weiss, in tackling the granddaddy of awards shows for the fourth consecutive year, exhibits nerves of steel.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2019 At Work With Gadgets
The Big Picture, Condensed
Portable monitors allow directors to avoid video village and stay closer to the action

The latest DGA Quarterly includes The DGA Interview featuring Alejandro G. Iñárritu, a look into motion smoothing technology on television sets, stories featuring directors Nora Gerard, Robert Aldrich, Spike Lee, Barry Jenkins, George Tillman Jr., Elma Garcia and more!