DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2018 Horror

Horror's Resurgence

In uncertain times, directors Fede Alvarez, Ana Lily Amirpour, Susanne Bier, James DeMonaco, David Gordon Green, John Krasinski, Andy Muschietti, Jordan Peele and James Wan update and elevate a time-tested genre with works that invite audiences to confront their fears.

Richard Linklater
Richard Linklater learned by doing, and over the course of his 30-year career, the Texas-based filmmaker has left his own unique stamp on the indie world and beyond.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2018 DGA Mentorship Program Paris Barclay
DGA First-Time Episodic Director Orientation Program
For students and teachers in the DGA's First-Time Episodic Director Orientation Program, no detail is too small.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2018 Denns Hopper
As the 50th anniversary of Easy Rider nears, Hollywood's eternal bad boy is examined in a new light.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2018 Screening Room The Candidate
Jason Reitman
As he prepares to unveil his latest film, The Front Runner, about Gary Hart's doomed 1988 presidential run, director Jason Reitman reflects on the film's biggest influence, Michael Ritchie's The Candidate.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2018 So You Think You Can Dance
Nikki Parsons, the director of the award-winning reality competition show So You Think You Can Dance, oversees the blistering pace required to produce the live show with preternatural calm.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2018 Collaborators Nicole Holofcener Richard Frazen
Nicole Holofcener and Robert Frazen
Nicole Holofcener and editor Robert Frazen arrive at the beats and cadences of her character-driven dramas with a shared understanding of the director's intent.
The End is Near
Earlier this year, there was a lot of tough talk traded back and forth between Washington and Pyongyang about nuclear arms, a subject that has inspired a few Hollywood doomsday scenarios over the years.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2018 Shot to Remember Little Miss Sunshine
Road Trip Gone Awry
The directors of Little Miss Sunshine deconstruct a crucial meltdown in the indie sensation of 2006.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2018 John M Chu Crazy Rich Asians
Jon M. Chu's Life Lessons and Learning Curves
Jon M. Chu's rich, crazy education results in Crazy Rich Asians, his most personal film yet.
DGA Quarterly Fall 2018 Chefs Table David Gelb Jeong Kwan
Cuisine Art
For the lushly produced Chef's Table, directors David Gelb, Andrew Fried, Brian McGinn and Clay Jeter orchestrate a 'food symphony' of sights, sounds and psychology that sets it apart from kitchen competition shows.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2018  Colette Wash Westmoreland
Problem Solving
With Colette, director Wash Westmoreland attempts to dramatize what makes a writer tick.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2018  Morgan Neville Won't You Be My Neighbor
Morgan Neville
For indie documentarian Morgan Neville, the style should fit the subject.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2018 Ernst Lubitsch The Shop Around the Corner
Director Ernst Lubitsch, who was idolized by Wilder and Welles, is brought into sharp focus.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2018 Gadgets
Tool Kit Reboot
Three cutting-edge software programs help enhance image, story and continuity with computing power.
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