DGA Quarterly Summer 2018 Dan Attias

The DGA Interview

Dan Attias

Dan Attias, who has directed more than 80 series since he joined the Guild in 1980, brings arduous prep and probing insights to the table as a key contributor to Peak TV.

DGA Quarterly Summer 2018 Better Call Saul Minkie Spiro
Directors discuss finding the tricky balance between desperate drama and absurd humor on TV's latest wave of crime comedies .
DGA Quarterly Summer 2018 Collaborators Barry Levinson Ellen Chenoweth
Barry Levinson and Ellen Chenoweth
When it comes to casting, director Barry Levinson and casting professional Ellen Chenoweth rely on a combination of expertise and instinct.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2018 Late Night Jimmy Kimmel
Late-night talk shows are responding to a constantly shifting news cycle, and directors must think on their feet.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2018 American Masters Mel Brooks
American Masters
The directors of the American Masters series approach their trailblazer subjects on their own terms, with no stone left unturned.
Vision Quest
Episodic television's current renaissance has more than a little to do with the increasingly cinematic approach to some of the medium's more ambitious series, some of which are glimpsed herein.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2018 Big Little Lies
The Big Reveal
Using multiple lenses, focal points, flashbacks and innumerable cuts, Jean-Marc Vallée completes the puzzle in the Big Little Lies season finale.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2018 Susanna Fogel
Susanna Fogel's Action, With Heart
Susanna Fogel's sophomore feature, The Spy Who Dumped Me, is grounded in female bonding.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2018 Gadgets Celtx
Paper Trail that Saves Trees
Two script apps allow changes digitally without losing sight of previous drafts.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2018 Silicon Valley Alec Berg
No detail is too small for directors Alec Berg and Jamie Babbit in Silicon Valley's quest for authenticity.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2018 Giant George Stevens
The making of George Stevens' Texas-sized epic is recounted in Don Graham's meticulously chronicled book.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2018 Justin Simien Dear White People
Justin Simien uses cinematic language on Dear White People, which series directors find liberating.
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