DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2018 What is Cinema?

What is Cinema?

As streaming services proliferate and court A-list filmmakers, the DGA Quarterly asked feature directors and industry leaders how directors intend for their films to be exhibited and what defines a theatrical film experience in 2018?

DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2018 Director Mimi Leder
Mimi Leder
A trailblazer in movies and television, director Mimi Leder has learned that knowledge is power, and tenacity is the key to success.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Switching Gears Gabriela Cowperthwaite
Directors Jeffrey Friedman, Rob Epstein, Asif Kapadia, Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Alex Gibney and Bart Layton, who straddle the line between fiction and nonfiction, are storytellers first and foremost.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2018 True Crime Anthony Hemingway
Directors Anthony Hemingway, Daniel J. Minahan and Lesli Linka Glatter walk the tightrope between reality and dramatic license with fact-based murder dramas.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2018 Net Neutrality
Eight years later, we find ourselves asking: "Why shouldn't net neutrality apply to the entire Internet?"
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2018 Stand Up Comedy Sarah Silverman
In their deceptively simple takes on the standup special, directors Liam Lynch, Shannon Hartman, Chris Robinson, Michael Bonfiglio, Stan Lathan and Jessica Yu approach their subjects from the inside out.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2018 Collaborators Director Francis Lawrence and DP Jo Willems
Francis Lawrence and Jo Willems
Director Francis Lawrence and DP Jo Willems have been creative partners since their pop video days.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2018 Spacehunter
Dee Rees
Dee Rees revisits Lamont Johnson's obscure '80s sci-fi pastiche Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone and revels in its scrappy invention and underdog spirit.
Warner Bros.' Crown Jewel
One of WB's most prized contract players, Michael Curtiz directed such Golden Age classics as Casablanca and Mildred Pierce.
 DGA Quarterly Spring 2018 Shot To Remember The Killing Fields
The Killing Fields
As the Khmer Rouge rumbles into Phnom Penh in The Killing Fields, director Roland Joffé captures the fear and dread with constant movement.

DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2018 Greta Gerwig
Greta Gerwig's Search for Truth
With Lady Bird, her solo debut as a director, Greta Gerwig appeared to be an overnight sensation, but as an actress she’d been studying other directors’ work for more than a decade, and the attention to detail paid off.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2018 Gadgets Extended Reality
Extended Reality
Three state-of-the-art VR cameras enable filmmakers to shape virtual storytelling.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2018 Olympic Moment
All About Eve on Ice
Director Pierre Moossa helps recount the drama of a women's figure skating upset at the recent Winter Olympics.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2018 Pamela Fryman
Pamela Fryman
Director Pamela Fryman was tasked with directing no less than six comedy pilots by the time the broadcasters’ upfronts start in May. Here's how she did it.
 DGA Quarterly Spring 2018 Six Second Commercials
Commercial directors Grady Hall and Brett Froomer discuss whether six-second-long micro-commercials are a wave of the future or a passing fad.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2018 Director Alma Har'el Love Over Bias P&G Commercial
Alma Har'el
Commercial director Alma Har’el on how she directed P&G's “Love Over Bias” spot for their Winter Olympics campaign.
 DGA Quarterly Spring 2018 Stanley Kubrick Napoleon
Lost Epic
As the newly scaled down yet no less comprehensive Taschen book Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made demonstrates, Kubrick was nothing if not a completist.
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