Fall 2017

Two Cheers for Hollywood: Joseph McBride on Movies
(Hightower Press, 695 pages)
By Joseph McBride

McBride, who has written magisterial biographies on John Ford, Frank Capra and Steven Spielberg, has put together a collection of his journalistic work through the decades, including 17 chapters devoted to directors. There are plenty of gems to be mined here, including interviews with Anthony Minghella and George Stevens.

Minghella departs from the usual script in his assessment of wearing two hats. "I think the downside of being a writer-director is that you don't have an interesting mediation between the writer and the director," he told McBride in the wake of The English Patient, for which he won a DGA award. "There's not that territory of exchange which can yield new ideas and where two people can collaborate."

—Steve Chagollan


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